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07 February 2009 @ 10:34 pm
Rafael Benitez today insisted Lucas has his "100 per cent support" as the young midfielder reflects on the most difficult week of his career.

After conceding the penalty which gifted Wigan a point at the JJB Stadium, the 22-year old was sent off for two bookable offences against Everton in midweek, ruling him out of today's trip to Portsmouth.
Despite enduring a torrid few days in his Anfield career, Lucas retains the full backing of his manager.
"We will miss him. We have some problems and he is a player who could have been really important for us," said Benitez.
"I can't speak for every single fan, but every member of staff knows he is a very good player and his teammates know he is a good player.
"Against Wigan, for me, Lucas was the best player on the pitch. Then the other day at Everton he was also playing well and the ref made three mistakes. He gave one foul against him which wasn't, showed one yellow card which was wrong - and then the second yellow could be, but the player went over easily.
"I will support Lucas 100 per cent, always. He is a fantastic player, he is a nice boy and a very good professional. He has quality, he is learning and is improving all the time.
"It is not difficult for me to say that I support him 100 per cent."

Source: lfc.tv
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I always lamented the behaviour of a part of the liverpool fans to Lucas, he was always the scapegoat. This time,   to my utter horror, he gave them a reason to abuse him (Not that i am justifying their behaviour, because Torres did not play anything, Gerrard was so-so, today and even Benayoun who scored the golaço provoced a free kick in the same supidv way as Lucas today which  resulted in Everton equalizer)  Carrager made some gols contra, So did hupiya, but Lucas will not be pardoned. He will be rememberedג as the one who destroyed Liverpool chances to be champoins of the league;

OK, Lucas made a mistake, in the worst timing possible,  coutadinho,  now Liver will have a rightful reason for the lost of the title - Lucas Leiva
they will forget  the coward way in which Benitez leads this team, alwas ^saving the results ^ after scoring 1 goal and ceding one in the finalzinho..  Furthermore, the Wigam player made a senseational dive..  I do not know why Lucas streched his leg and slightly touched him, but he touched him and the referree decided to give the penalty

What will happen to him now:?  Will he ever bounce back?  Will he be transerred in a blitz deal?  WIll he just be benched forever? Will he be linched by furous mob?

I am really worried about him, I hope he survives. If he do bounce back from this one, i will admire him even more than I did when he was the leader of the sub-20 in the last sul-americano in Paraguay

I would like to give him a hug and tell him that we , gremio fans, love him and support him NO MATTER WHAT,  but I do not know how to do it, and probably he will get so many offensive mails that he will not read mine



It is easy to support your idol when he is up, but a real fan support his idol even more when he is down

I share your embarrrasment, frustration,  shame, whatever you feel, Luquinhas
I suppose you will not sleep that night, and neither shal I. 
I  hope that the brasil sub-20 will have a better luck this night.

Not a very good post, is it?  But i am still in total shock, even tears do not come out.

04 January 2009 @ 12:59 am
Which part of midfield is Luc best in? All-out attacking, d'you reckon? I think he's pretty good defensively.

I've started a further piece of my Luc / Nando fic because I was so bored with the holidays. Your ideas are very welcome, I'm not really that great at writing. hoping everybody had a good Christmas and a really happy new year!! xx


Title: Distance, chapter one
Rating: R, just to be safe
Pairing: Lucas Leiva / Fernando Torres
Disclaimer: Untrue

His smile broadens...
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I had the pleasure to see the match

It was the best game for Lucas since he came to Liverpool

I spent the whole night reading the forums

Extraordinary, brilliant, excellent, the MOTM

, he is world class... etc. etc.

After reading all the insults , and hearing the boos Now there is nobody happier than me, maybe even Lucas himself..

We , his fans always believed in him. We found him beautiful when those Englishmen found him ugly, We loved his hair while they asked every time for him to cut it. 
Even when his house was broken in, they said:  If it were Fernando Torres I would have killed myself

Now they are eating their hat, and we are happy

Gerrard always plays better with him around. I hope he appreciates it

In this game some wonders happened

First of all, Alonso passed a ball to Lucas, never happened before
Second, he shot a corner kick, never before has he done it

Lucas and his hard core fans got a beautiful gift for the new year

He did not get his goal, unlucky, Given was superman, a blind linesman said offside when it was not, and than the post.  But if he keep playing in that offensive roll, the goal will come!!

I am so happy for him, a light among the dark war which is raving around here

HAPPY New Year!!

26 December 2008 @ 11:46 pm
This comunity is half asleep, but in Liverpool and with Lucas there are news. Today they played.  Before that they drawed against Arsenal when Lucas played 88 minutes and was very good!!  He made some fouls but saw the yellow without  any guilt in a lance where the rival made a show. That was why he was withdrawn from the pitch. Today against Bolton he entered when everything was already resolved, Liverpool  scored 3goals , among them a golaço of Keane. hescored a brace
He was over motivated , and that disturbed his concentration and his game.. He spoke before the game , it was published in the ECO
Lucas Leiva: Liverpool are slipping into top gear

THE last time Liverpool faced Bolton Wanderers, Lucas Leiva was given just a six minute run out towards the end of a convincing 2-0 win for the Reds.

That victory came just over a month ago at the Reebok and though Lucas would settle for the same when the two sides meet again at Anfield today, he is hoping that his recent upsurge in form will be rewarded with a little more time on the pitch.

“I can remember that game well because Dirk Kuyt and Stevie Gerrard both scored good headers,” he recalled.

“Then, when I came on I had a chance to make it 3-0 but I was not able to take it but I was still happy with the result and with the three points that we won - even though I was a bit disappointed that I had not been able to score.

“The result was the most important thing and if we got the same result today I think we would all be happy.”

A lot has happened to Lucas since the last meeting between Liverpool and Bolton, some of it best forgotten and some of it providing much happier memories for the Brazilian.

In the league game that followed Liverpool’s most recent victory over Gary Megson’s side, the Reds faced Fulham at Anfield and in a disappointing draw sections of the home crowd made it quite clear that they were not happy that Rafa Benitez had selected the 21-year-old central midfielder ahead of Xabi Alonso.

If that was a low point for Lucas, his recent performances have provided much more promise with a man of the match display at PSV and a more than decent game in Liverpool’s 1-1 draw with Arsenal on Sunday being the highlights.

He does not wish to dwell on the bad times though, preferring to look ahead to what he hopes will be even better days in a red shirt.

“I have had some bad times, especially after the game against Fulham,” he admitted.

“But I am trying to improve with every game and even though I thought I made some mistakes against Arsenal I thought that I did okay.

“Hopefully I will be able to show my quality because I want to have a role at this club, especially at a time when we are all fighting so hard to stay at the top of the league.”

On paper, Liverpool’s draw at the Emirates is far from being a bad result, especially as Arsenal had already tasted victory against Man United and Chelsea.

But the way the game panned out, with the Gunners being reduced to ten men and Liverpool being territorially dominant for long passages of play, there is a sense of disappointment they were unable to take all three points.

Lucas readily admits this is the case but knows full well the Anfield outfit cannot afford to take any negative vibes into their latest League game.

“We are disappointed that we did not manage to get all three points against Arsenal because we went there to win,” he said.

“But now we must only think of the next game and focus on Bolton because we cannot change anything.

“Bolton are playing well at the moment andhave had some good results so we know they will be difficult opponents but we are playing at Anfield in front of our fans so will be looking to win.

“This is the first of two games over a few days and if we can take all three points in this one it will give us more confidence when we go to Newcastle on Sunday.

“Like every game, there were positives and negatives about our performance against Arsenal.

“We have to learn from the things that we got wrong and improve on the things that we could have done better but we can also take confidence from what we got right.

“We scored a really good goal and created some other chances while Pepe Reina was not given that much to do so the job we did must have been a good one even if we feel it could still have been better.”

Anyone who was at the Reebok on November 15th would have been stunned had they been told following Liverpool’s comfortable win that the Reds would take just seven points from their next five matches, particularly with fixtures that included home games against Fulham, West Ham and Hull.

But that is exactly what has happened as Rafa Benitez’s men have stumbled, at home especially, with vital points being dropped.

Looking at the season so far as a whole, though, gives Lucas belief that Liverpool have fully earned their right to be there or thereabouts at the top of the league and that they are there on merit.

“We have shown quality,” he said. “You cannot be towards the top of the league having played so many games unless you have done this.

“After 18 games we have lost only once and this proves that we are difficult to beat.

“We would have liked to have won more games and got even more points but we cannot be too disappointed because we are competing at the top of the table and that is where we want to be.

“Obviously, Chelsea, Man United, Arsenal and now Aston Villa are all up there with us but we have to be confident in our chances and believe in ourselves.”

If they are to continue to fight it out at the top, Liverpool’s recent home form must improve dramatically and Lucas is hoping that the testing Christmas period will get off to the best possible start with a win over Bolton.

He said: “Having just one day to recover between games is not ideal but it is a tradition in this country and I know that it is something that the fans enjoy.

“All we can do now is focus on Bolton then think about Newcastle once that is out of the way.

“We have drawn our last three games at home against Fulham, West Ham and Hull so we know that we need to get back to winning ways at home.

“But Bolton will come to Anfield and try to make things difficult for us so we must be ready for them and do everything we can to get the three points.

“We are waiting for a win at home because Anfield is such a special place for everyone at Liverpool – the fans, the coaching staff and the players.

“We know it will help our chances of staying at the top if we make Anfield an even more difficult place for teams. That is what we will be trying to do.”

Interesting article, he is speaking very frankly about his feelings.  I ike that

For more news visit my blog you know the address  already I suppose

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20 December 2008 @ 04:28 pm
Nobody wrote about his wonderful game against PSV, in Holland 2 assists and initiated the lance of the second goal. he was the boss of the pitch in the second half. It was beautiful to see. Look it up somewere, and if you have any clip pls post

but I want to send you a picture I have just  seen.  Not for feeble hearts!!

Hre it is, please do not spread it around

eek!!! How she is dragging him , playing the celebrity...  I do not care about her external beauty or not having external beauty, but she does not respect him, for her he is the ATM and  a toy to play with. And I am sure she picks his closes now, In Gremio he was very stylish, real metrosexual withour exaggeration of course, no Beckham, thanks the Lord.   Here in Liver sometime he is not that. Not that it is so important for me, but it is a symptom

My preposition:  Rescindir her contract and send her to Afganistan .

There are many good girls and women around to give him the support, love and companionship he needs.   And the children of course.  

Any suggestions?

 Fora bruxa malvada!! ele mereçe muito mais

Merry Cristmas and I hope the Lord will release us from the bad witches

pls comment

Mucho luz y Paz


06 December 2008 @ 11:44 am

Rafa Benitez today responded to recent criticism of Lucas Leiva and backed him      
to have a fruitful future at the club.

The Brazilian midfielder will again be looking to force his way into the manager's plans for today's trip to Blackburn as the Reds look to maintain their lead at the top of the table - but even if he has to settle for a place on the bench he has words of encouragement from Benitez ringing in his ears.

"Lucas is a fantastic player and a fantastic professional. He was the captain of his team when he was 19 years old, he has caps with Brazil, not with any other country - Brazil," said Benitez.

"He was the captain of the Under-21 Olympic team for Brazil, again I will say - Brazil - and has a very, very good mentality.

"When you talk about Brazilian players, OK you can say they are maybe skilful players with ability, but Lucas is a worker, he has quality and has a very good approach for each game. He can tackle, he can win the ball in the air and he can pass well. But he is still a young player in a different country and he is competing against Javier Mascherano, the captain of Argentina, Steven Gerrard, one of the best players in the world who has captained England and Xabi Alonso, one of the best players in the Spain side, the champions of Europe.

"I think it is difficult for a young player to compete with them, but that just shows the amount of quality in our midfield.

"If you analyse how Lucas was playing before, and how he is playing now, he was working so hard in the last few matches but people were disappointed with him. He is the kind of player who has a very good character and I'm sure he will be a very good player for us in the future."

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17 October 2008 @ 03:32 pm
I read the last comentarry with the winter jacket picture of Lucas

If you are really Lucas fans, you should look over thefolowing sites, when som crasy fans of him (I confess to be one of them) are posting nice pictures of him almost dayly. also in the NIKe site ther ae many article about him and even a gallery of 36 wonderfull exclusive pictures


In the last link there are currrently 420 pictures, and in the other links some hunderds more, you just have to cllick on "mais fotos" you get all the thumbnails and can see all the pictured ever posted, there are alsom many videos embedded in the flogs mulhergremista and Lucasleivaolimpico

Enjoy looking, anything more will by his girlfriend..who grabbed him when he was 16 and she 23 or 24

Why he is still with her is not clear,  and after seeing his last interview i am afraid she is not hel[ping his career, just worrying toembed him in a quite peacefull life withe housekeeper in Liver, he  would never leave to a team when he will be appreciated and progress/

What a shame, i hoe that I am wrong though

13 October 2008 @ 04:59 pm

In an interview in Champions, the official magazine of the UEFA Champions League, Lucas Leiva reveals how he's been settling into life on Merseyside since moving from Gremio nearly 18 months ago.

lucas leiva

Were you pleased with your first season in England?

Of course. When I arrived, Rafa Benitez told me I needed to adapt to the English style and there was no hurry because my chance would come. But my chance came quickly, and I played a lot. The style in England is very different, I had problems with the intensity - it is so fast and physical here.

You come from southern Brazil, where the game is more physical than most people's idea of samba football. Has that helped?

I think it has. In the south we definitely play a harder game, but it's still different from England, as we don't play so many long balls. That makes it hard for every Brazilian, even ones from the south.

What is your preferred position?

I'm in my favourite position now: I'm a second defensive midfielder, the one who is allowed to help the forwards when he gets an opportunity. My main strength is that I work hard for the team. I also think I'm a good marker, and I pass the ball well. But I need to improve my shooting and the attacking part of my game.

Mascherano, Gerrard, Alonso - Liverpool are not exactly short of top-class central midfielders...

The club have a huge number of great players, you're right, and some have a brilliant track record. But Rafa assured me he would always pick players based on who is performing best.

Why do Liverpool do better in Europe than in the Premiership?

The Premiership is hard because all clubs play a similar style, it's very physical. When teams score first, they make it very difficult for you to get back into the game. The UEFA Champions League is different, because there are different styles and the games tend to be a lot more about attacking.

Two other Brazilian youngsters, Anderson and Denílson, are making an impact in the Premier League. Do you know them well?

I'm close to Anderson, because we used to play together at Gremio. I've not had much contact with Denilson, apart from when we've faced each other on the pitch. The fact we're all doing well over here reflects a change in the Brazilian mind-set.

How are you liking life in Liverpool?

Compared to Brazil, life is quiet here. We only train in the morning, and we can do what we want in the afternoons. On days off I try to visit new places. I've been to London, which reminds me of Sao Paulo, and to the Beatles museum. But the main focus is my career, so when one of our rivals is on TV, I stay at home to watch it. I live with my girlfriend and a housekeeper I brought over from Brazil to help
us cook - I didn't want to change my eating habits too much! I also live near other Liverpool players - Fabio Aurelio, Alvaro Arbeloa, Yossi Benayoun, Pepe Reina and Fernando Torres - so it's a very good neighbourhood to live in.

Can Liverpool win the Champions League again this season?

It's too early to say at the moment, but we believe in our squad. The club have a great history in the Champions League, but a lot of other clubs think they can win it this season, too.


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05 October 2008 @ 07:44 pm
Title: Later
Pairing: LucasLeiva/Yossi Benayoun
Rating: PG-14
Warning: Fluff? I dunno. Unbeta-ed so mistakes are mine.
Disclaimer: 100% Fiction
A/n: For ela_alonso. She was the one who suggested I should post so I did. Feedback is much appreciated. :)

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Erm, not so sure about the tags... :S
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