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20 December 2008 @ 04:28 pm
Lucas and the bad witch  
Nobody wrote about his wonderful game against PSV, in Holland 2 assists and initiated the lance of the second goal. he was the boss of the pitch in the second half. It was beautiful to see. Look it up somewere, and if you have any clip pls post

but I want to send you a picture I have just  seen.  Not for feeble hearts!!

Hre it is, please do not spread it around

eek!!! How she is dragging him , playing the celebrity...  I do not care about her external beauty or not having external beauty, but she does not respect him, for her he is the ATM and  a toy to play with. And I am sure she picks his closes now, In Gremio he was very stylish, real metrosexual withour exaggeration of course, no Beckham, thanks the Lord.   Here in Liver sometime he is not that. Not that it is so important for me, but it is a symptom

My preposition:  Rescindir her contract and send her to Afganistan .

There are many good girls and women around to give him the support, love and companionship he needs.   And the children of course.  

Any suggestions?

 Fora bruxa malvada!! ele mereçe muito mais

Merry Cristmas and I hope the Lord will release us from the bad witches

pls comment

Mucho luz y Paz


Juneamarinimo on December 27th, 2008 11:20 pm (UTC)
I think he looks alright in pinstripe, meself. :) She does seem very forward, though, doesn't she?
Don't like 'er. ^P^