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17 October 2008 @ 03:32 pm
Awkward beauty  
I read the last comentarry with the winter jacket picture of Lucas

If you are really Lucas fans, you should look over thefolowing sites, when som crasy fans of him (I confess to be one of them) are posting nice pictures of him almost dayly. also in the NIKe site ther ae many article about him and even a gallery of 36 wonderfull exclusive pictures


In the last link there are currrently 420 pictures, and in the other links some hunderds more, you just have to cllick on "mais fotos" you get all the thumbnails and can see all the pictured ever posted, there are alsom many videos embedded in the flogs mulhergremista and Lucasleivaolimpico

Enjoy looking, anything more will by his girlfriend..who grabbed him when he was 16 and she 23 or 24

Why he is still with her is not clear,  and after seeing his last interview i am afraid she is not hel[ping his career, just worrying toembed him in a quite peacefull life withe housekeeper in Liver, he  would never leave to a team when he will be appreciated and progress/

What a shame, i hoe that I am wrong though

bolanboogie on October 17th, 2008 05:56 pm (UTC)
Thank you so much for those links. Will definitely check them out.

I spotted them out shopping a good few months ago...she does seem rather...erm...protective of him? :P I dunno what to make of her really.

But yes, thanks for posting here :)

June: Thoughtful Lucasamarinimo on October 17th, 2008 07:07 pm (UTC)
She does seem to baby him an awful lot. But who would blame her? xx
mulhergremista on October 30th, 2008 07:39 am (UTC)
But who would blame her
I would, and i am

She is6 years his senior, I thought she was good for him when she iniciated him when he was 16. He was even a greater idol in Gremio than Torres is now, at that early age it was tempting and distracting. His fan club included girls from 12 to .. and they declared their love for him every day in the blog. He settled to live with here and so was not tempted ..but not anymore. He is an adult now and she stops him from growing, IMHO

I wonder, does she like football, is she coming to the gsames?

He never lived alone actually. From his family he emerged to live in bosrding school for young talents, than in the dorms of the yuoth categories of Gremio, and from there directly to living with here in an appartment in Porto Alegre, He has to be on his own now and find new conecctions. He lives like a middle age upper medium class , no outings, nothing..How can he develop this way
I also wonder why they have no children yet after living together so long? He graduated her, now he has to go forward. anyhow, she will never vleave the comfort life she has with vhim. Houskeeper to help her to cook? What is she doing all day except pamper herself?
I wonder what his mother thinks of her

He was not very concentrated yesterday, missed the unmissable, I blame her for that, she is not inspirational for him. babying him around is not the way.