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04 January 2009 @ 12:59 am
Did Luc see enough of the ball today?  
Which part of midfield is Luc best in? All-out attacking, d'you reckon? I think he's pretty good defensively.

I've started a further piece of my Luc / Nando fic because I was so bored with the holidays. Your ideas are very welcome, I'm not really that great at writing. hoping everybody had a good Christmas and a really happy new year!! xx


Title: Distance, chapter one
Rating: R, just to be safe
Pairing: Lucas Leiva / Fernando Torres
Disclaimer: Untrue

His smile broadens...
Current Mood: tired
mulhergremista on January 6th, 2009 02:49 pm (UTC)
He is best playing in the part he played against newcastle
He is the kind of midfielder that has also the creativity to dosome playmaking, and join the atack . double passing with the others (what you call in English 1-2 and in Spanish pardes) Anyhow, somebody in some forum called him Mr reliable, so the coaches in th NT and Benitez use him when there is a gap, usually more defensive.. Last game he had tremendous work because both Alonso and Masch were out. Gerrard ignored him this time as did the public because the living God has returned, and gerrard game him the gift of the goal, all the audience was orgazimc.. eeeccc, i wonder if gerrard would has made this gesture to somebody else, even Keane, let alone Lucas

Here is something else totally, nothing to do with football

I found it inthe RAWK forum

I went to London for new year, i was in the calvin klien shop on oxford street, who comes in non other than Lucas Leiva, i just looked up and he was there and gave him the "alrite la, top game against newcastle!" Proper big in real life he is aswell^^

Well, he uses KC products:) I guess the perfume, suits him well Isuppose, underwear maybe? Here are some material for your fantasy. I am too old and too shy to tell vou about my fantasies regarding Lucas Leiva, Luquinhas as we call him in the Gremio blogs/

So keep up writing pls, you have at least one true fan her, means little me.