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29 January 2009 @ 12:55 am
What a terrible day for Lucas, I am still in utter shock  
I always lamented the behaviour of a part of the liverpool fans to Lucas, he was always the scapegoat. This time,   to my utter horror, he gave them a reason to abuse him (Not that i am justifying their behaviour, because Torres did not play anything, Gerrard was so-so, today and even Benayoun who scored the golaço provoced a free kick in the same supidv way as Lucas today which  resulted in Everton equalizer)  Carrager made some gols contra, So did hupiya, but Lucas will not be pardoned. He will be rememberedג as the one who destroyed Liverpool chances to be champoins of the league;

OK, Lucas made a mistake, in the worst timing possible,  coutadinho,  now Liver will have a rightful reason for the lost of the title - Lucas Leiva
they will forget  the coward way in which Benitez leads this team, alwas ^saving the results ^ after scoring 1 goal and ceding one in the finalzinho..  Furthermore, the Wigam player made a senseational dive..  I do not know why Lucas streched his leg and slightly touched him, but he touched him and the referree decided to give the penalty

What will happen to him now:?  Will he ever bounce back?  Will he be transerred in a blitz deal?  WIll he just be benched forever? Will he be linched by furous mob?

I am really worried about him, I hope he survives. If he do bounce back from this one, i will admire him even more than I did when he was the leader of the sub-20 in the last sul-americano in Paraguay

I would like to give him a hug and tell him that we , gremio fans, love him and support him NO MATTER WHAT,  but I do not know how to do it, and probably he will get so many offensive mails that he will not read mine



It is easy to support your idol when he is up, but a real fan support his idol even more when he is down

I share your embarrrasment, frustration,  shame, whatever you feel, Luquinhas
I suppose you will not sleep that night, and neither shal I. 
I  hope that the brasil sub-20 will have a better luck this night.

Not a very good post, is it?  But i am still in total shock, even tears do not come out.

mulhergremista on January 28th, 2009 11:39 pm (UTC)
Kiss Lucas:? I wopuld always kiss Lucas if I couls, the dilema is only what kind of kiss will it be?
Will it be a motherly kiss according to my age? Or what?
I was always confused about my feelings for him

Even my hterapist , when i had one, could not understand it. SO do not ask me, you guess is as good as mind, but pls do not call me vioeja verde, I am not, it is just a sentiment, toward this special lad that i never meat personally , and even so i keep my blogs on him for 2 years now, almost like a biography. I can feel his moods, today, belive it or not, i had a very bad presentimento before the game, I said to a firend of mine, I prefer he does not play today- Why? because i feel something very bad will happen. what? a red card, an injury, gol contra? I was not sure..In the first half he layed well, gave soe good passes to Benayuoun and gerrard ´made some good deffensive lances, and i dissmissed my badgut feelings. But as we say,the devil never sleeps, and toward the end, happened what happened
Liverfpool lost the 2. place and Lucas lost his world

It seemes I am not the only one who feels that way
I looked up the MOTM poll in the official site. 34 votes for Lucas. So at least 34 persons still support him. I amproud to be one of them

1,000 kisses for him, now and forever
space ninja: Footie | Liverpool -> Lucaslauchis on January 29th, 2009 02:41 am (UTC)
Holy fuck, and this all happened after I had to stop watching the match? I hope it doesn't get on his way of anything. He doesn't deserve to be the one to blame.
mulhergremista on February 1st, 2009 05:24 am (UTC)
Maybe it is not so gterrible, I mean, some of the fans even voted for him for MOTM, isuppose just for show support, because really the MOTM was Yossi. What is interesting, Lucas got more votes than Torres!! Well well.